Tane Mahuta – God of the Forest

Tane Mahuta
Sitting in front of a giant
Tane Mahuta
The God of the Forest
2,000 years old and standing 50 metres tall
The trunk expanding and contracting with each breath taken
The sights you must have seen and the stories you could tell from your two millenia
I wonder if you knew the greatness you would grow into when that first shoot emerged from its seed pod?
How old must have some of your peers been as you emerged from the soil?
Do you take any pleasure as people from around the world stand in awe and gasp at your impressive stature?  Or do you stand in silent humbleness allowing so many other species to call your branches home
“So lovely”
“What a massive tree”
Or just.. silence
The superlatives freely flow from all who stand in front of you
With your simple act of growing, you remind everyone of the power and beauty of Mother Nature
Tane, continue to nurture yourself
May you continue to outgrow humanity

Tane Mahuta's Canopy
Tane Mahuta 4



    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Long may he continue to reign over the Northland forest. He just needs to avoid getting Kauri dieback disease and then he will be fine. As little as half a gram on the bottom of someone’s shoes is all it takes to kill off a giant…

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