Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

The challenge this week asked us to examine the concept of room.

Rather than looking at bricks and mortar, I have opted to highlight the “rooms” of those people who are less fortunate and are living rough along California’s Venice Beach boardwalk.

There are hundreds of people who currently have their lounges and bedrooms alongside the beach.

the living roomasleep in the bedroom 2an empty bedroomsea views from the loungeasleep in the bedroomindoor outdoor flow



  1. Living rough or not, that guy still has his values … hence the broom.
    (It makes one think, though. Great interpretation of the challenge, well met~!)

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      Despite being in the situation they found themselves in, I felt that a number of the people living along that strip of land were extremely proud of the homes they had created for themselves.

      1. I respect and admire people who create. Any oaf can destroy, but if someone has nothing more than a few scrags of junk and can create a home—he has my vote.

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