Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

I have chosen three images as my interpretation on this week’s challenge – “twist”.

shopping trolley dragster
How often do you see a dragster or a shopping trolley with people in it cruising down the main street?  I’m guessing much more often than the awesome twist on your normal dragster or shopping trolley – a combined giant shopping trolley dragster!!  I want one!!!!!

Dragon dance
This dragon in the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade managed to get itself into more literal twists.

entwined pine trees
These two pine trees found in Midway, British Columbia were entwined together when the 1857 – 1861 surveying of the International Boundary Line caused the territory of the Okanagan Indian’s to be split in two across both Canada and the United States.

As the community was forced to separate, with those who found themselves on the US side when the border was implemented no longer able to return to the Canadian side, one of the Okanagan’s twisted together the two sapling pines to signify community unity, saying: “Though divided we are united still, we are one.”  This is despite the plaque inaccurately stating that “this tree symbolizes the spirit of friendship existing between Canada and the United States”.


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