Love – Original Poem

The stars help to fill our minds with the possibility of greatness.

Within this world is contained our other.

Let the light of angels’ wings illuminate your path to them.

If the Universe gives you a push, go with it – don’t try and resist.

Because love is the true gift of the Gods.

Love fills our hearts with light and makes us glow.

Love warms us on a cool winter’s night.

Love lets our flame burn strong.

Love gives us hope and strength.

Love cures.

Love lets us find our miracle.

Love reminds us of God’s embrace and lets our soul commune with the Angels.

Do not be afraid of it, instead, allow yourself to love stronger every day.

Love your fellow man
Love your fellow man


    1. Hi Michelle.
      Great to hear from you and thanks for the visit and for your nice comment.
      I am doing very well thanks. I’m currently in a period of big change that I have been waiting a few months for which is exciting!!
      I hope you are well.

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