Don’t Stagnate… Act

It is time to change the glacial trickle of action
It is time to change the glacial trickle of action

Too often we sit still, stagnating in our own thought.

Wistful ideas that could change our lives or maybe even the world are left to rot either at our desk or sinking forgotten into the couch.

We are inherently a decisive species, yet for some reason we silently sit on our hands, waiting for someone else to act and for the world to magically come to us.

Yet when we follow our urges for spontaneity just look at what we can achieve.

We built the pyramids, we took flight, we travelled to the bottom of the ocean and we landed on the moon.

We made governments and armies stand down – they are after all only people like us…

When just a few members of civilisation act on those urges, the rest get onboard soon enough and quickly you have a groundswell of change – for better or for worse.

Why are we so afraid to stand up and act on our ideas?  Yes, people might laugh, but given time they can also turn into your loudest cheerleaders.

It is the human way!

Let’s stop being so glacial in our desire to act, instead allowing the spark to catch.

Yes, you might fail.  But you might also change the world.



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