Merry Christmas

Dinner for Santa

To all my readers.

I just wanted to take this moment to wish you all a wonderful safe and Merry Christmas whether you are in the snows of the Northern Hemisphere or you are like me and trying not to get burnt from the summer sun down here in New Zealand.

Thank you to all of you for tuning in to read my poems and thoughts and for looking at my pictures.  You all drive, motivate and encourage me to create and to put pen to paper or fingers to keys as the case may be.  So thank you one and all for giving me those gifts this year.

Speaking of gifts…

The photo above is the gift that my little (nearly 3 year old) niece and nephew left out overnight for Santa and his reindeer.  They went and had a rummage through my sister’s garden for some pea’s and carrots for the reindeer before choosing the tried and true glass of milk and a cookie for the big guy.

Watching them and my friend’s kids running around getting so excited at the prospect of Santa coming and breaking in to the house while they sleep and then encouraging one another to get to sleep quickly so Santa turns up is so cute to watch.  I can’t wait to see them explode with excitement in an hour or two when they start to open the Santa pressies currently sitting next to the fireplace and all the other ones waiting patiently to be torn apart from under the tree.

I know that when they get up (any time soon) their minds will be blown that Santa came and dropped off gifts for them and that the reindeer all enjoyed their treats.

I hope you too can experience a bit of childlike awe this Christmas.  And while we eat, drink and be merry, here’s hoping there can be time to fit in a little surprise or two as well.

Happy holidays to you and your family.  Find time for peace in amongst the moments of  chaos that this time of year brings with it.  Stay safe and thanks again for reading.



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