Finding Your Light


All too often it is someone else that sees the light glowing within us, while we only allow ourselves to see it dimming like the bulb that needs to be changed.
We forget far too easily and far too quickly that we are light.
Instead there are days where so many opt to see the dark.. believing that the torch that used to burn so brightly inside them has died like the last embers of a campfire.
We all must find ways to activate our light.
To engage it so it shines brightly in the same way the lighthouse illuminates safe passage for passing ships.
And just like the boats, we have many rocky outcrops that need navigating over the course of our lives.
Unlike the beacon and vessel which act alone, we need to be both at the same time; shining the light ahead on to the clear path, while also pushing forward with all our might into uncharted territories.
We need to stop allowing ourselves to languish in the darkness.
Instead we need to pull back the curtains and look out to where our light shines onto the horizon.
Then, upon seeing ourselves reflected off in the distance, we must set forth in the direction that is indicated.
No longer afraid of the dark of the night sky.. we now walk forward bravely following our own moving street lamp.



  1. Paul,
    You are so special! Your thoughtful words are art in one of its beautifulest forms and do bring hope to your readers. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are well …Merry Christmas!

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