The Search

We walk this earth on our individual paths.
Separate and alone from everyone else, but conjoined at the same time in our collective humanness.

As one, we constantly search:
We look for the one
We look for the meaning
We look for knowledge
We look for ourselves
We look for perfection

Even when we find, the hunt is not over.  It merely begins again.

Why must we torture ourselves?
Why the constant search?
The story that we don’t allow to end until after we ourselves cease to be?

Life shouldn’t be a battle, but for some reason we each wage an independent war against ourselves every day.

Rather than just going the way the currents push us, we continue to battle against the tides.
Some will allow themselves to drown.
While others finally find themselves exhausted and washed up on the shore.

As we sputter the water from our lungs and struggle to open our fatigued eyes, we eventually come to see the Universe’s outstretched hand waiting to pull us back to our feet.
The voice tells us we don’t need to search, that all will be ok and that everything will come to pass at the appointed hour.
The purity of the voice and the warmth of the hand stun us as we continue to stare, seeing all that ever was and all that ever will be in the same moment.

This vision of “all” proves to you that the search is fruitless…with keys unlocking doors at their allotted hour.

How do you now continue living?

The answers to everything you ever sought have been provided in one glowing scoop.
The answers to quests not yet thought about, let alone ridden, there on display.

We stand transfixed, absorbing the everything like a sponge.
Each and every cell in our body revels in the new found understanding that emanates around our human shell.

By choosing to stop the fight against the stream, our exhausted selves have in an instant found the answers.

How now to unveil this knowingness to the rest of your tribe?
How to share this new found wealth?

Again… more questions in the moment of seeing all the answers…


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