I am Malala

Malala quote

The actions of this one 16 year old prove that one person can change the world.

From before she was shot, to now more than a year after the attack by members of the Taliban, the actions and words of Malala continue to reverberate around the world.

She is the new Mother Teresa of our generation.  But this girl will not reside in the slums of India.  Her voice will project across the world as it already has.  She will long be in front of the cameras, not out of a desire for celebrity, but out of the necessity of her message.

That an education, the means to learn how to read and write, is a basic human right and not a religious tool that enables persecution based purely on whether you are male or female.

Her courage to stand up to her oppressors shows the power of words.  She was shot only because she spoke out and threatened the regime’s totalitarian ways.  Heaven help us that a girl be permitted to sit in a classroom…

Malala’s actions struck a cord with many around the world predominantly because she was telling the truth.  And that is primarily why the Taliban are so afraid because they know that they have no means of combating truth.

It is a powerful asset that is all too often overlooked these days.  Instead people attempt to circumvent truth at every opportunity.  When the mirror of it is finally raised people realise, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, that there is no defence in the world that can combat truth.

If peace is to flourish then truth must be one of the first things that needs to sprout. Under the interrogator’s spotlight, honesty and truth will always shine like a beacon to a ship on a stormy night.


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