The Daily Commute

It fills and empty’s with people all on their daily commute.
Coming through a tunnel all you can see is the ocean as far as the horizon.
People read or listen to music, others do the crossword in the newspaper, while some catch a few more zzz’s as they sleep, head resting up against the window.
Business men, road workers, people dressed casually, school kids and babies – the train doesn’t care who you are.
It could be totally empty and it still wouldn’t care.
An hour each way to contemplate the working day ahead or the day just completed.  Or else, precious time to actually not think about work and just be.
Maybe that’s why some people choose to sleep rather than just stare vacantly about them.  It gives them a precious extra hour to meditate and to dream, preparing them for the working day ahead.
As it pulls into the station the peace and calmness of everyone quickly fades away.
A feeling of urgency fills the carriage, the heart rate lifts, people’s desks are calling.
The doors open and the race is on.  Hordes stream down the platform pushing others out of the way.
After school or work is done for the day and people have run to get onboard.
They can sit quietly and take an hour for themselves to think, to sleep or to analyse, before they get off the train only to do it all again tomorrow.


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