Influence – Original Poem

Gravity exerts itself on us far stronger than any manager ever could hope to get close to emulating.
Our politicians like to think they have some on our day to day lives as do advertisers.
It is used by parents and their children but at different times and for different means.
We curry favour with it.
People’s lives are dictated due to the presence and especially when it comes down to how it sways your beliefs.
It sees life formed and it sees life ended.  In all likelihood it has killed far more than it has created.
It is abundantly visible in the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and the words we speak.
If you try to hard to use it, it becomes a negative thing, but done at just right the right level and right time and it can be extremely positive and beneficial.
Whether we like it or not and whether we think about it or not it is a constant for us every second of every day.


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