What do you do of a day once you are dead?

Last night I was sitting at a cafe sipping my coffee with my notebook out on the table and pen in hand.

As I was jotting down what came to my mind I digressed onto the following questions:

  • There are people of all races walking by me right now.  I wonder what we all look like once we have left the earthly plane and are hanging out in Heaven, Eternity, the Afterlife whatever you want to call it?  Are we all just rays of light or do we bear some resemblance to how we look on Earth?
  • What does a normal “day” look like in the spirit realm?
  • What do you do of a “day”?

Did I come up with any answers – no I didn’t but it did make me stop and think about the wider picture for a while.

Will we ever really know the answers – probably not until we get there.

Obviously if you have somehow become an undead zombie then the answer would seemingly be obvious – you just search for some fresh brains.  But then at the same time this doesn’t actually answer any of the questions as technically they aren’t yet dead.

So… what do you think???


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