Frontiers Foundation Volunteer Opportunities

Are the wheels of change tugging at your heart but you haven’t quite been able to find the right opportunity?

Do you want a life changing experience that benefits both yourself and the community you will be based in?

Are you interested in truly rewarding volunteer work?

Would you like to experience new cultures and test yourself in a sometimes harsh environment?

If you answered yes then volunteering for Frontiers Foundation could be for you.

Frontiers Foundation is a Canadian based charitable organisation that has been running since 1968.  In that time hundreds of volunteers from around the world have been involved in working with Aboriginal and Inuit communities predominantly in Canada’s North West Territories. They are currently looking for new volunteers to begin placements in August or September.

Unlike other volunteer organisations who charge you a two or three or four thousand dollar fee for the privilege of working for them, all it will cost you is a $50 (Canadian) application fee and a plane ticket to Canada (plus potentially the cost of a medical for visa purposes).

I was lucky enough to spend the past two years volunteering for Frontiers Foundation, where I was placed with the Okanagan Indian Band. I had a wonderful experience and made many great friends.  I learned a lot about myself and was able to participate in activities that I never would have dreamed of before I left New Zealand.

I was involved in more of the administration side of the community (you can also volunteer as a teacher or as a recreation supervisor) and so my main projects were writing proposals for funding for much needed community services and programs, assisting the Chief and Council and assisting with economic development opportunities.  I also was able to help supervise school field trips, cook for the Elders of the community as well as the school kids, contribute to the community newspaper, go on hunting and fishing trips to help feed community members and help establish a community garden as well as many other things. I saw the Northern Lights, went ice fishing and even ended up travelling to Ottawa to lobby Federal Government Departments about various issues in the community.

While you are on your placement your accommodation is provided and you are given a weekly food allowance as well as a small weekly stipend.

In the gallery below is a small selection of photos from my time volunteering with Frontiers Foundation.

If this is of interest to you please look over their website for more information and then get in contact with Don Irving who is the Volunteer Coordinator.

I cannot recommend Frontiers Foundation highly enough to everyone.

If you are in a situation where you feel you need a change of lifestyle and environment and are willing to contribute at least 10 months to a project then this could be just the opportunity you are looking for.


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