Sebastian – Original Short Story

Sebastian struggled against the weight of the heavy oak door, but the thoughts of what now lay just metres away from him took his breathlessness away.

He had been waiting for this moment all afternoon.  His body was tingling in anticipation.

The hands on the clock had seemed even heavier than the door he now struggled with as they earlier drew closer to 3pm.
Sebastian had been sat at his desk lightly tapping away on the hard plastic in complete oblivion to the words emanating from the mouth of his teacher.  For all the boy was focussed on was the dull thud of the clock.  He sat urging the bell to ring as his mind wandered to the delicacies that surely would await him when he got through that door.  His eyes glistened at the thought, his big belly grumbled in agreement.  The other children laughed and called out to him but Seb didn’t hear them, all he heard was another clunk as the gears whirred into life to heave the hand another minute closer to freedom.

He opened his eyes hit by a moment of shock – “what if it wasn’t there” he thought.  A brief wave of panic rumbled itself through his body before he caught his breath and relaxed.  “It will be there” he thought to himself – it always was after all.

Thud.  The hands were getting closer.

He could be there in 15 minutes if he ran part of the way.  Did he want it badly enough to run for it today, he would see but he guessed probably not.


“Finally” he thought to himself.

The books went back into the bag as fast as his podgy fingers could move them there.  His desk shuddered as he pulled himself up.  Then he was off.

Sebastian was already puffing and red faced as he rounded the bend which led him away from his daytime prison.  He walked as fast as his short legs could carry his round body.  He wasn’t far away from the store now and he could already taste it going into his gullet.

Sweat stained his grey shirt but Sebastian didn’t even notice as he grabbed the handle and pushed against the door.  It was reluctant at first like it was trying to keep him out from the treasures inside.

When the door finally gave way a bell tinkled, almost in a sign of defeat.

As he walked in and his eyes adjusted to the darkness, the soothing aromas hit him and his nose twitched.  His eyes locked onto the countertop but it was empty.

Desperately he looked left and right through the entire shop.

“Where are they?” Sebastian pleaded with the shop keeper.

“Please, there must be some somewhere” he screamed with a faltering voice.

“Sorry” said the shopkeeper.  “We are all sold out.”


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