An Ode to Abused & Persecuted Women – Original Poem

Enough of this shit
The violence has got to stop
Far too many women each day continue to be hit
They should never be used as a mans punching block
There needs to be a groundswell of change
So that people no longer accept this behavior as normal
The staff at Women’s Refuge need to be out of a job
Not because they were fired, ill or deranged
But because men stop treating their wives and girlfriends worse than an animal
Let us make it so that they no longer need to sob

“Cook the man some fucken eggs”, Jake Heke says to Beth
Partly because he was drunk
But he could’ve equally been high on crystal meth
Beth didn’t have a chance to get into more of a funk
Like the eggs she too was soon on the floor
Dropped by a hard, quick, straight left
Sadly, Once Were Warriors isn’t a Hollywood fantasy
It is the daily reality for millions around the world both rich and poor
Drugs, alcohol and poverty leave these women and girls bereft
Is this the kind of behavior that we want to leave as humanity’s legacy

Children should be free to play and grow
Not sold for sex or sold to be slaves
Before they are even old enough to know
Let alone old enough to stand up and be brave
To say loudly to all that it is NOT ok
For women and children to live lives full of fear
Without a chance at education or an easy way out
We must all work on a solution for a better way
Than it being acceptable for a man to fight or rape after a night on the beer
May the work of all the Samaritans not be for nought

For women are our protectors
They bring us into this earth
Why do they always have to call in the inspectors
They needn’t have to worry about what happens after they give birth
God grant us the skills to all live in peace
Let everyone be able to live their life in complete harmony
Please protect women everywhere
Find a way to make all this violence cease
To create an entirely new cultural hegemony
Where love abounds and there are no longer feelings of despair


1 Comment

  1. Powerful, powerful words. How I wish this could be so. Yet it is not. In the meantime, I continue to support woman’s refuge to give some of these women a chance.

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