To Be A Bird – Original Poem

To be a bird
Able to soar high above everything else
To take in the vistas of our planet while costing on thermal currents

To be a bird
Free to go where ever the winds take you
Looking down on life from high

To be a bird
A stealth bomber to be wary of if you were a mouse, but yet a martyr for the coal miner working down a gassy tunnel

To be a bird
Feared and revered in equal quantities by your friends and foe
If you are unlucky a meal for a cat, a dog, a frog or a man, but if they are unlucky those same cats dogs, frogs and men become a meal for you

To be a bird
Is to have the freedom to fly


1 Comment

  1. Hey Paul,
    I just love reading your words. You have a fine talent for the way you write your stories. I could almost feel the wind in my face as I soared above.

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