Thank you readers

Dear all my followers, likers, commenters and other readers.

I know that I am only in my early days of blogging but I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all.

It is always super exciting to log in and discover that a new person is now following me or that people have liked or commented on one of my posts.

Knowing that I have complete strangers from all over the world interested in my work is a huge motivation for me.  It drives and inspires me to create and it also makes me feel accountable – you decided that you wanted to hear from me when I post new material, so I had better come up with new content that holds your attention and hopefully is insightful, inspiring, thought provoking or just a different way of looking at a subject.

So thank you immensely everyone for continuing to make me smile whenever I log in and for pushing me to create and improve my work as I go.

I look forward to providing you with lots more posts, to hearing from you and reading your blogs too.


1 Comment

  1. Thank you for your work Paul, and also for following my blog – yes, I agree it is exciting to log in and find that people are interested in what you write …. and you said that you had learnt something from my blog – so that’s great!

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