Waterfall – Original Poem

The river flows on its journey down the mountains.  Every now and again taking time to pause and rest for even though it is one it is made up of many.

The rocks aren’t as tough as they think as over the years the water breaks them down.  Carving out its own path as it makes its journey.

The deep valley it sits in now must have succumbed slowly but surely over tens of thousands of years.

Giver of life to all, it graciously glides over the rocks picking up strength here and there.

As it rests in a pond it reflects off the trees, glistening, dancing, always moving even when it is standing still.

The rocks soon give way entirely and the water crashes down onto their cousins 40 feet below.  As it plummets down it does not hold its breath, it is not anxious of the jagged edges awaiting it as it tumbles over the precipice for it knows this is merely one adventure on its way back to Source.


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