Road Trip Across America – Original Poem

The promise of a continent lies waiting before me

Sitting in a yard in Hatboro, PA, my destination awaits on the other side of the land

But as I head off Westward bound I know that thousands of miles are yet to be spanned

If only I knew then that my cross country trip would be so pricey…


It doesn’t take long for my plans to disappear

As I quickly come to terms that this is in fact going to be a week of being a long haul trucker

Forty dollars of gas every two hundred miles great thinking ya dumb fucker

It has been a long day and I need a beer so I find a random dive motel in the middle of nowhere


A cup of tea and a muffin in the morning and I’m on the road again

I slump as I think of how San Francisco is still days away

Taco Bell provides me with dinner tonight, hardly a five star buffet

I’ve been stuck in the car for far too long today and my whole body is in pain


Another day draws to a close and I’m blinded by the sun as it sets once more

Damn you driving West and the guarantee of the sun’s nightly routine

For half an hour or so I am forced to squint as I struggle to see out my windscreen

This road trip was meant to be an adventure instead it feels more like a chore


Companionless I stop where and when I want

Driving through Kansas I plan my tornado escape

My mind vividly imagining the car being swept up into the heart of the funnel shape

I plot to enter the bunkers of strangers or drive across the fields of farmers like a mad savant


I’m pretty sure going through Kansas made me go a bit nuts

As I got closer to the State border I hoped I would see a “You’re not in Kansas Anymore” sign

Sadly, there wasn’t even as much as a farewell note as I crossed the imaginary line

I think I’ll write to the Tourism Board to suggest they hang the famous saying on some large wooden struts


The pain of the road subsided upon random discoveries along Route 66

From the world’s biggest wind chimes to “world famous” Amish cheese

The tacky pink 50’s store sold badly recorded story cd’s

Any of it necessary, absolutely not, but all of it showing how some Americans get their kicks


Quick time made across the country resulted in 3 lacklustre nights in Vegas

With my mileage limit close to maxed out, Louisiana, Roswell and the Grand Canyon all had to wait

The final day had arrived and soon I would be in the Golden State

The whole journey ending up being basically outrageous


I bid farewell to my car and now needed to come up with some specifics

Laden down with backpack and camera

I had to conjure a plan on how I was getting to Ankara

But after everything, that could wait for another day, so I simply resolved to take a moment to sit and enjoy the Pacific


I recently went on an 8 day road trip across America.  I did what is called a “driveaway”, where I drove a total strangers car across the country for them.  Before I left I had all these grand visions of places I would visit.  Unfortunately the reality was nowhere close to how I had imagined it.

But this experience hasn’t dampened my desire to want to drive across the US again, except next time it will be on my terms!!!!!



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