Rocks – Original Poem

They are grey and lifeless

They are jagged or flat

Smooth or crumbly

Sitting still yet somehow growing

Some house nothing

Yet the contents of others force slavery and start wars

Some help you heal, some don’t

Some are good for skimming over water

Others are better for creating a splash

Certain types sparkle incandescently from the outside

Others only reveal their hidden treasures when they are split open

The grey casing when pulled back can reveal the most amazing colours, the most intrinsic designs if you know what you are looking for

They are a useful weapon in their basic form – just ask Goliath

But with a master craftsman being guided to reveal their inner beauty they can become a mesmerizing work of art

They can crush a house or a car

They provide the base under your feet with which to stand atop the world

Little ones can weigh huge amounts while large ones can be almost weightless

They are dull and insignificant but it can be economic to spend tens of millions in search of the tiniest fleck of colour within them

They made people rich but they made more people poor

They are a place to sit and ponder the world

We let them guide us from point to point

We have them as pets

We marvel at the shapes and colour when they have been sliced paper-thin

We stub our toes on them and trip over them

They make us cry and they make us laugh

They make us say “I do”

They make us say “I don’t”

They hold bones from millennia past

They are our calendar and our encyclopedia

They are the link to the mistakes of the past and the promise of a better future although we hope they don’t crash into our planet and kill us all first

They are rocks


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