Believe in the Magic – Original Poem

Being an adult these days all too often means leaving behind what was important as a child.

Life loses its lustre.  The sparkle in the eye is no longer there.

A rustle in the bushes is no longer a dragon with a broken wing nor is it a family of curious fairies to go and talk to.

Instead, it is certain to be something to be afraid of and that is provided you even heard the noise in the first place.

When we were kids our imagination ran wild.  A blanket and two chairs became a castle, a swimming pool was the lake in the top of a volcano or it was the entrance to your secret underground hideout.

A play that had been made up just an hour earlier was now performed to an audience of hundreds in the most fabulous theatre, even though Mum and dad were the only ones watching down in your basement.

And yet while as adults we forget about most of the magic it seems that it never leaves us entirely.

Otherwise how do we explain the continuance of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa?

We want the next generation to believe in the magic that they see all around them but at the same time we cocoon ourselves away from it as grown ups.

There is no time to believe in such things as the monster in the cupboard, or the troll under the bridge, when we have the important tasks of appeasing our bosses and deciding what to make for dinner.

If only we could allow ourselves time in every day to be a kid again and to believe in that magic.  To allow our minds to wonder off to far away lands, to be the princess in the tower or the dragon slayer.

If only we could be like the kids as they play hockey on the street pretending to be Gretzky or one of the Sedin’s.

We need to remember that whether we are six hours old or if we are a hundred and six, we are always a child.  If everyone in the world remembered that and took a moment to say hello to the pixies in the bushes or simply acknowledged the potential for fun that lay in everyday situations, what a world this would be.

Grown ups, life is short.

If we let ourselves see the magic and believe in the magic then it will be there.

Anything can happen.  Your life is an occasion, rise to it.

Anything can happen, how absolutely true.


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