Point Montara Lighthouse

Coming from New Zealand as I do, I have a special affinity with the Pacific Ocean.

It had been a long time since I had last been beside the Pacific, especially on a stormy day (one of my favourite times to sit by the sea).

Having had just spent the past 7 days prior to my arrival at Point Montara cooped up in a small SUV traversing across the vast expanses of the United States, I had a smile a mile wide as I once again laid my eyes on the blue watery expanse.

Following my quick road trip across the country I had booked in to stay at Hostelling International’s Point Montara Lighthouse.  The lighthouse itself is still a working lighthouse, guiding ships in as they head towards the dangerous waters surrounding the Golden Gate Bridge.  As such, it is maintained by the US Coastguard and is closed to the public.

The rooms of the hostel are now located in the old lighthouse keepers quarters and you are greeted by a team of very friendly and helpful staff.

After I checked in I quickly headed down to the rocks under the lighthouse where I sat smiling away for about an hour.

A few hours later I rugged up nice and warm and headed out to enjoy the sunset.  Below are some of the photographs I took as the sun dipped down into the ocean to end another day.


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